Ungsinn is an electronic scientific journal on mental health interventions for children and young people.

The journal contains systematic reviews of mental health interventions and treatments. Practical information about the interventions is available here, in addition to thorough reviews of how well the effects of the interventions are documented. Ungsinn is run by the Regional Centre for Child and Youth Mental Health, North (RKBU North) at UiT, the Arctic University of Norway, through a mandate by the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

As part of the review, each intervention is classified at a level of evidence. The classification follows specified criteria to ensure that the interventions are evaluated on the same basis. The criteria were revised in 2015. In articles published prior to that, the interventions were classified into one of four levels, while articles on interventions published later are classified into one of 6 levels. The plan is to gradually update all of the old articles according to the new criteria for grading interventions.