The articles in Ungsinn follow a specific outline and are drafted according to specific guidelines.


The articles in Ungsinn are written by authors with high scientific competence in addition to specific training in Ungsinns’ criteria for classifying interventions. In line with other journals, it is the chief editor who accepts the articles for publication after they have been evaluated in a peer review process. At the same time, the production of articles for Ungsinn is a collaboration between Ungsinn’s editorial staff and the author’s to a greater degree than in other journals. This is both to ensure quality and to somewhat reduce the workload for the authors.

Generally speaking, it is the chief editor who decides which systematic reviews or revisions of reviews will be performed. In the selection of authors, it is emphasized that the article should be written by authors with expertise in the thematic area at hand, that they have the necessary competence in research methodology to evaluate the studies involved in the summary and that they are independent of the program developers. The latter means that the authors may not have their own interests in the intervention or may not be involved in the development, evaluation or implementation of it.


The editorial process

  1. The Ungsinn administration carries out literature searches and invites intervention owners to contribute with information.
  2. Two selected authors write a draft for an article according to Ungsinn’s objectives and send the article to the editorial staff for review.
  3. The editorial staff and chief editor evaluate the article to see that it complies with the standards in the Ungsinn manual to determine if it is ready for peer review. The article is then sent to two scientific reviewers, one reviewer from the practice field, and the intervention developer for review and comments.
  4. The chief editor or associate editor evaluates the reviews and asks the authors to revise the article, if applicable.
  5. The article is revised and the process is repeated until the article is finally accepted.
  6. The accepted article is carefully proofread and checked by the Ungsinn administration.
  7. The article is published on  A new story about the new review is generated and distributed through newsletters and on Facebook.