The journal Ungsinn (ISSN 2464-2142) is published by the Regional Centre for Child and Youth Mental Health – North (RKBU North) at UiT – the Arctic University of Norway. The organization consists of an editorial staff, Ungsinn authors and colleagues in the field.


The editorial

Chief Editor
Researcher Kyrre Breivik is the chief editor of Ungsinn. The chief editor has the ultimate responsibility for the content of the website.  His most important task is to act as editor for the articles in order to ensure good professional quality of articles.

Assistant editor
Researcher Ragnhild Bjørknes is assistant editor. Her task is to function as chief editor when necessary; for example, if the chief editor himself is authoring an article. Furthermore, she assists the chief editor in professional decisions and contributes to the training and guidance of authors.

Editorial member
Professor Monica Martinussen is an editoral member.

Managing editor
Helene Eng is the managing editor of Ungsinn. She is responsible for the daily management of the journal.  This involves organizing the editorial processes in generation of the publications, contributing to the quality assurance of the articles and producing new stories.

Editorial staff member
Kurt Henrik Dalmo is editorial staff member. Along with the managing editor his tasks are connected to the management of the journal. He is in contact with the intervention owners, authors, editors and colleagues in the field. Additionally, he updates the website and performs literature searches for Ungsinn.


Ungsinn authors

The Ungsinn authors are responsible for the articles about the individual interventions. They are researchers within child and adolescent mental health or related areas. Each article has at least two authors, whereby at least one of these has completed a Ph.d. Many of them have experience with implementation and/or evaluation of psychosocial interventions for children and youth. All of the authors have additionally received training and guidance in Ungsinn’s method of generating systematic reviews. The authors hold positions at various research institutions in Norway.


Colleagues in the field

The colleagues are involved in the review and quality assurance of the articles. Each article is reviewed by two scientific colleagues and one practicing colleague who give their recommendations and suggestions for changes to the editor. The scientific colleagues have the same expertise as the authors and all have doctoral degrees.